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   Last Update: 05/24/2003
   Author: Lawrence K Anderson Jr
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General Information

Perma-Cool® 14

According to the Perma-Cool® literature, Turbo Flex® High Performance Electric Fans are:

And they add:

Turbo-Flex® High Performance Electric Fans are the most powerful electric fans available and are capable of moving almost twice the volume of air as competitive models. Features include high RPM pancake motors with dual ball bearing armature supports for longer life. Constructed with a lightweight aluminum blade assembly, and featuring an open steel fan housing for unrestricted air flow. CFM estimates are based on the electric fan mounted behind the radiator in a "pulling" configuration. Electric fans mounted in front of the radiator, in a "pushing" configuration, are only 80% as effective.


Perma-Cool® 14
Here are the [infamous] mounts that locate
the fan directly to the core of the radiator.

- Note -
These have worked fine for me; however, I must warn
that they must be cinched down with extreme force,
or they will eventually come loose. BTDT.
Much more force than most feel comfortable applying.

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Electric Fan Wiring Diagram

Electric fan wiring diagram.
Despite every effort to over-complicate this manages to work!

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Electric Fan Installation Pics

Pre-electric fan.
The radiator is out, awaiting the Perma-Cool® fan.
Note that the OEM fan has already been removed
from the water pump pulley. Too pretty to cover up!

Perma-Cool® fan installed on the radiator.
Here is the PermaCool fan mounted on the radiator. Note the shiny metal band holding
the radiator's plastic top down...I installed a new top, while I had everything apart.

Mallory 85,000 mF capacitor.
A Mallory 85,000 mF capacitor can be seen to the left of the coolant overflow tank.
This serves to insulate the charging system from power dips/surges during fan activation/deactivation.

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